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Best Smart Thermostat in 2018

[ad_1] The Nest Learning Thermostat observes how you adjust the temperature depending on factors like the time of day and outside temperature, and automatically creates a heating and cooling schedule for your convenience. It saves on energy bills and looks great doing it. Our pick Nest Learning Thermostat The sleek …

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How to fix Google Pixel 3 battery life problems

[ad_1] The Pixel 3 doesn’t have many show-stopping issues. But its 2915mAh battery is a clear weak point among competitive phones that crest 3500mAh nowadays. Sure it has smaller overall dimensions so it just doesn’t have the room for more battery, but nonetheless battery life is shorter than the competition …

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Google is allegedly planning a Nest rebrand

[ad_1] Nest has a large selection of smart home devices, ranging from thermostats to cameras and smoke alarms. According to a source for 9 to 5 Google, they will soon be getting a rebrand. The discussions are still in a very early phase, so it’s not clear if or when we …

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Xiaomi announces AirDots, the $30 AirPods clones

[ad_1] Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer that takes more than a hint of inspiration from Apple and is not afraid to call out the former trillion-dollar company, has just announced its new AirDots – a set of AirPod-like headphones that cost less than $30. Choose “No, I have never.” or “Yes, …

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