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Red Dead 2 Cheat Codes: How To Find And Activate Them

[ad_1] Rockstar Game’s newest release, Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One, is a game where you’ll want to spend a great deal of time uncovering all of its secrets and details. You can spend 50-plus hours just completing the main story, slowing accumulating wealth and honor. But …

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Castlevania Season 2: Why It Took So Long To Hear Music From The Games

[ad_1] The Castlevania games are well known for a few specific things, like elaborate levels, cheesy dialogue, and atmospheric design. Music ranks high among those characteristics, which made it extremely weird when the first season of Netflix’s Castlevania show included exactly zero music from the Castlevania games. Fans hoped showrunner …

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This Moment Changed My Mind About Red Dead Redemption 2

[ad_1] While playing the first handful of hours of Red Dead Redemption 2, I was coming to terms with kinda sorta…hating it. Rockstar’s sprawling western just wasn’t for me. It was too plodding, too deliberate, too time-consuming, and too dull. So many of the game’s systems seemed designed deliberately to …

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Red Dead 2 Fence Location Guide: Where To Sell Stolen Items

[ad_1] Fences–merchants, not boundary markers–in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the only businesses that will buy goods you’ve found while looting strangers and rifling through private property, and by gum, they sure are hard to find. Considering the size of RDR2’s map, and that there are only four fences in …

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How To Make $2,000 In Red Dead 2 Without Cheats Or Glitches

[ad_1] If you’re going to survive in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s world, you’re going to need cash. Previously we’ve highlighted several ways to earn money relatively quickly by working many of the game’s core systems and mechanics, but there exists a secret method that can give a significant bump to …

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How To Fast Travel In Red Dead 2

[ad_1] In Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re going to be spending a lot of time riding your horse. There’s nothing but land, and lots of it, in Rockstar’s latest open-world so journeying on horseback is a reality you’re going to have to accept during the game’s opening hours. Fortunately for …

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