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Suicide Squad And PUBG Crossover Is Coming Soon

[ad_1] A new PlayerUnknown’s Battleground trailer has been released. Although it’s not very long, the trailer implies PUBG is going to have a future update that features a crossover with the Suicide Squad film. [Update: Another teaser reveals a few more details about the crossover.] There’s not much information to …

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PUBG is coming to PS4 this December

[ad_1] Eurogamer reports that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground – short PUBG – is going to launch next month on the PS4. The publication didn’t specifically state their own sources but confirmed this to be true. The possible port of PUBG on the PlayStation 4 was never really out of the question. After …

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Two New WWE Network Collections Coming In December

[ad_1] WWE Network News reports that collections for both the nWo and the best matches of 2018 will be added to the WWE Network in December. This follows recent additions to the Network for November, which included collections for Sasha Banks and Rey Mysterio. Those sets were added in the …

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Fortnite NFL Skins Coming Soon After New Update

[ad_1] Fortnite dances have become a mainstay of sporting events since the title exploded in popularity, so it’s only fitting to see a real-world sport invade the battle royale game. Developer Epic Games has announced it is partnering with the NFL to offer a new set of football skins in …

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Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Could Be Coming To PC

[ad_1] Sunset Overdrive, the over-the-top third-person shooter for Xbox One made by the developer of the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man, looks like it is finally releasing on PC. A rating for a PC edition of the game recently popped up in the ESRB database, while a listing has also appeared in …

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Path Of Exile Coming To PlayStation 4

[ad_1] Action RPG fans have been long singing the praises of Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile, the free-to-play loot-based game with strong Diablo influences. The game was released in 2013 on PC to surprising popularity and multiple expansions before launching on Xbox One in August 2017. Now, over a …

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YouTube May Be Coming To Switch This Week

[ad_1] Nintendo has had a public distaste for media apps on the Nintendo Switch, stating that they prefer to focus on the Switch as a games machine when asked about generally standard apps like Netflix. This stance is not entirely consistent, however, and seems like it will be made even …

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NFL Skins Coming To Fortnite

[ad_1] A new cultural phenomenon is teaming up with an old one; Epic Games has announced that Fortnite is partnering with the NFL. According to Epic’s blog post, NFL-themed outfits are hitting the Fortnite item shop later this week on November 9.  Six outfits will be available – three male, and three …

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