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New Gameplay Today – Generation Zero Beta

Avalanche is known for its chaotic, explosion-filled open-world games such as Mad Max and the Just Cause series. Its independently released Generation Zero is a bit different, in that it trades anarchic thrills for atmospheric chills (hey, that rhymes!). Brian Shea got into the game’s closed beta, and he shares …

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New Gameplay Today – Return Of The Obra Dinn

From how much I loved Papers, Please, I knew I would be making time for whatever creator Lucas Pope put out next. I’m happy to say that from my brief time with Return of the Obra Dinn, it’s on track to cement itself as a worthy successor, both in terms of narrative and …

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New Gameplay Today – Battlefield V’s Campaign Missions

Battlefield 1 marked a departure for the series, in that it split up the campaign into a series of vignettes rather than a single experience that followed an individual soldier throughout the war. Battlefield V takes the same approach, following a variety of Allied troops across several diverse campaigns. Suriel played …

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New Gameplay Today – Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Back at E3, we got our hands on Ubisoft’s entry in the toys-to-life genre, a sci-fi themed game called Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Today, we’re taking another look at the title, with more of a focus on all the plastic bits.  Matt Miller takes Kyle, Leo, and me on a …

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