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This Moment Changed My Mind About Red Dead Redemption 2

[ad_1] While playing the first handful of hours of Red Dead Redemption 2, I was coming to terms with kinda sorta…hating it. Rockstar’s sprawling western just wasn’t for me. It was too plodding, too deliberate, too time-consuming, and too dull. So many of the game’s systems seemed designed deliberately to …

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Issue Is Being Addressed, Says Rockstar

[ad_1] Rockstar has announced that it is working on an issue that is affecting Red Dead Redemption 2. Currently, a bug in the game can cause Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail–four of Arthur Morgan’s camp companions–to disappear after the completion of chapter two. “If you completed the mission ‘Polite Society, …

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Get Red Dead Redemption 2 For $47 (PS4, Xbox One)

[ad_1] Have you been waiting for a sale to check out Rockstar’s latest runaway hit, Red Dead Redemption 2? If so, now might be the time to pull the trigger. Rakuten currently has both the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game on sale for $47. That’s over 20% …

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